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Vcheck V200

Fluorescent immunoassay analyzer suitable for hospitals of various sizes with a convenient user interface.

Product Features
  • -EUROPIUM, a More Powerful Fluorescent Material

    Vcheck measures various biomarkers quantitatively
    and accurately, without any overlap between the stimulating
    and emitting wavelength by using Europium – a more powerful
    fluorescent material.

  • -Outstanding Performance

    Vcheck proved to have high correlation with gold
    standard methods
    by various veterinary colleges and research

  • -Quantitative Measurement

    In-clinic quantitative diagnosis of various disease markers possible,
    enabling precise diagnosis and prognosis.

  • -Intuitive 3-Steps Procedures

    Vcheck is beginner-friendly, with simple 3-step procedures of sample preparation,
    application to the test device, and result confirmation.

  • -Electronic Chart Auto Sync

    Vcheck provides a real-time connection to the electronic chart
    for maximized user convenience. Focus on your patient only, and let Vcheck handle the rest.

-Available Biomarkers
  • ㆍ Wight : 2.5 kg
  • ㆍ Screen : A 7-inch touchscreen
  • ㆍ Size : 200 (W) x 240 (D) x 205 (H) mm
  • ㆍ Printer : Built-in printer
  • ㆍ LIS/HIS : HL7 PCD-01 Profile support
  • ㆍ 2D barcode automation Data
  • ㆍ Data storage function. (max 3 ,000)
  • ㆍ Automatic handwriting recognition system
  • ㆍ Electronic chart linkage system
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    Vcheck V200

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