Welcome to visit us at WSAVA 2022 – Booth NO. 9

From 29th to 31th Oct 2022, Bionote Inc. will attend the 47th WSAVA (World Small Animal Veterinary Association Congress & XVIII FIAVAC) Congress in Peru.

At WSAVA, you can discover local culture and international perspectives on veterinary medicine.

Through the exhibition booth (Booth #9), Bionote Inc. will introduce various products such as Vcheck M10 (POC molecular diagnostic system), C10 (biochemistry), F (Fluorescent immunoassay), and ELISA to veterinary circles and countries around the world and introduce various products that have not yet been released in global countries.

Up to now, Bionote Inc. has already released different kinds of products providing unrivaled technology for animal health and diagnosis in the world.

Welcome to visit us, talk to our team and learn more about Bionote Inc. during WSAVA. 



View of Bionote Booth at WSAVA